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Do You or Your Child Have ADHD? Reflexology Could Help!


AUTHOR: Sarah Pawson

tags: Reflexology ADHD

Reflexology can be beneficial to children, young people and adults. Reflexology can deeply relax, relief stress, anxiety, and pain from many sources, including headaches, nervous tension, tummy aches, and sleep problems just to name a few!

Common ADHD symptoms can include (just listing a few) fidgeting, anxiety, fear of sleep and often wakes up in the night unable to go back to sleep, excessive talking, impulsive actions, not able to follow directions, tendency toward daydreaming, very short attention span and poor hand eye coordination along with other related associated conditions such as dyslexia, Autism, Tourette's. There are many kinds of treatment for ADHD.

Some of the most conventional treatments include occupational, play and behaviour therapy, medicine, and parent training education programmes. A few holistic approaches that have been shown to work include supplementation, diet intervention, reflexology and homeopathy. Reflexology is an art and a science. A reflexologist works reflex points on either the feet or hands that represent the body in miniature.

The nerve pathways in each foot create's an energetic and electrochemical flow that communicate with the entire nervous system. Each reflex point connects with a specific organ, gland or body part.

Through the application of pressure using specific thumb and fingers techniques reflexology connects with the peripheral nervous system and encourages the body to relax.

Sarah Pawson has worked supporting families and children and young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) for over 20 years and continues to support by offering Reflexology treatments

Reflexology for ADHD can be beneficial for children, young people and adults, it can help to calm, relax, release tension, anxiety, improve their sleep and focus.

Reflexology for ADHD can be done on the hands as well as the feet and is equally beneficial for adults and children with ADHD. If you are worried you or your child may not be able to sit still, it’s ok to do anything you or your child likes to help relaxation. Unique Feet Reflexology will support you and your child to relax throughout the session. Once comfortable and relaxed you or your child may need less distraction to sit or lie down and participate.

.Interested in learning more about how reflexology can benefit you or your child-get in touch.

Children (under 14yrs) Reflexology session is for 30mins
Adults Reflexology session is for 1hr
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